30 Quick Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

So, you’re going to a job interview, eh? Well, congratulations! Remember, it’s not just about being qualified for the job, but also about making a great first impression. Here are 30 essential tips to help you ace that job interview… and avoid some real-life pitfalls:

  1. Research the Company: Don’t attend the interview and ask, “So, what does your company do again?”
  2. Learn About the Company’s Culture: Don’t show up to the interview wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops if the company has a strict dress code.
  3. Know Your Interviewers: Don’t accidentally call your interviewer by the wrong name.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice: Don’t forget to turn off your phone during the interview, or your favorite song might start playing in the middle of your response.
  5. Gather Information about the Industry: Don’t go to the interview and say, “I have no idea what’s going on in this industry.”
  6. Use the STAR Method: Don’t spend so much time structuring your response that you forget to answer the question.
  7. Understand the Job Description: Don’t show up to the interview and ask, “What does this job entail again?”
  8. Dress Appropriately: Don’t show up to the interview dressed like you’re going to a party.
  9. Arrive Early: Don’t show up to the interview late and blame it on traffic.
  10. Prepare a 30-Second Summary of Your Experience: Don’t ramble on for 10 minutes about your first job from 10 years ago.
  11. Maintain Positive Body Language: Don’t slouch in your chair and look disinterested. Whatever you do, don’t look at your phone!
  12. Listen Carefully: Don’t interrupt the interviewer or finish their sentences for them.
  13. Avoid Negative Comments About Past Employers: Don’t badmouth your previous boss or coworkers.
  14. Be Truthful: Don’t lie about your skills or experience. Don’t embarrass yourself getting caught in a lie.
  15. Explain Any Gaps in Employment: Don’t tell a story about how aliens abducted you.
  16. Ask Thoughtful Questions: Don’t ask questions that have already been answered during the interview.
  17. Follow-Up After the Interview: Don’t forget to send a thank-you email… and don’t accidentally send it to the wrong person.
  18. Prepare for Common Interview Questions: Don’t freeze up when asked, “What’s your biggest weakness?”
  19. Stay Updated on Current Events: Don’t make a joke about a recent event that the interviewer finds offensive.
  20. Practice With a Mock Interview: Don’t practice with a friend who’s more interested in their phone than in giving you feedback.
  21. Watch Videos on Interview Techniques: Don’t watch a video made in the 80s with outdated advice. Try Linkedin Learning.
  22. Be Prepared to Discuss Why You’re Leaving Your Current Employer: Don’t say, “I’m leaving because they’re putting me in a cubicle with no windows, and I can’t survive without sunlight.”
  23. Exude Confidence: Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance.
  24. Understand the Company’s Competitive Landscape: Don’t mix up the company with its biggest competitor.
  25. Highlight Transferable Skills: Don’t forget to mention that your experience as a camp counselor taught you valuable leadership skills.
  26. Craft a Compelling Elevator Pitch: Don’t make your elevator pitch so long that the interviewers forget the question. Not a life story. Keep it relevant to your recent work history, how it’s relevant, and why you are here.
  27. Stay Positive and Optimistic: Don’t leave the interview feeling defeated, even if you spilled coffee on your shirt on the way there.
  28. Don’t forget your resume: It would be a real shame to forget the one piece of paper everyone expects you to bring.
  29. Don’t be too nervous: Yes, it’s an important interview, but you’ve got this!
  30. Don’t forget to be yourself: Remember that you’re not just trying to impress the interviewer, but you’re also trying to find the right fit for you. So, be yourself and have fun with it!